Friday, October 23, 2015

Square Minded

I recently saw some neat little canvases at a gift shop down
in Covington, Louisiana.  They were coated with this modeling paste,
that provides some great texture on the surface.  So, I thought I would give
it a try.  I spread the paste with a letter opener! because I do not
own a palette knife?!  I am just a watercolor painter...and we don't use
palette knives much...

And then I have painted them blue as a first coat.  I am planning to
paint some kind of bird on them.  It may be an egret or heron.  Or
a bluebird or sparrow...I haven't decided yet.   I will play around with
the background colors some more until I get them interesting.
I enjoy doing something different from time to time.  And since it is more
difficult for me to draw right now (having trouble with arthritis in my hands),
painting is not quite as painful.

Will try to post the final results!

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