Friday, July 8, 2016

It's a Wrap

He was channeling his inner "Dali", and wanted to know when
he could start selling his work!

These boys were really interested in learning how to
paint.  They were so proud of their paintings from today.

These three girls are sisters, and they all got to come to
the art camp. They had fun painting, and were very proud of
their birds and other paintings they finished today.

We finished up the art camp today.  I have to admit that the
preparation and traveling took a toll on me.  I have been retired for
14 years! And I am not used to teaching every day.  But it was also
very rewarding.  These children have very little access to any kind of
art or culture where they live.  They can travel to larger cities in our state,
but go there mainly to shop, eat, or go to the movie.  Most of them were very
appreciative and told me that they learned a lot (even one of the boys!).
Hopefully, they will remember some of the things I taught them
about art, and maybe they will continue to paint a little on their own.
I told them to come and visit me at the gallery this summer, and some said
they would.
Neat experience.

I have been asked to do a presentation on colored pencil for the
60 Art teachers in Lake Charles, Louisiana as part of their inservice
before school starts.  I'll start preparing that now that I am finished
with these children. More on that to come...busy, busy!

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