Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This and That

I just entered this drawing in the National Animal Art show in
Irving Texas.  It is colored pencil on Mi-Tientes paper, from a
photo I took at the San Diego zoo of "Rosie" the rhino.

This is a work in progress that I just started for a client.  He
loves eagles, and collects all kinds.  He gave me this photo, and
wanted it done this size.  The paper is much whiter...this photo is
very yellow!

My drawing desk, pencils, photo, and pencil sharpener...all tricks of the
trade.  It will take me several days, maybe a week to finish it.  It depends on
how often I get to sit down and work, and how well my hand holds out!

This is another entry in the Animal Art show....
"Spring Cleaning", a colored pencil of a flamingo.

This is the last entry in the art show..."Alligator Shoes", one of my
"Riddle Pics" series.  It is also colored pencil.

I made myself stop long enough to enter this art show.  I get
many invitations to enter shows, and I often let the
deadline slip by.  I kept getting emails from this show,
so I was reminded often!  If they are juried in, I can deliver
them to Dallas.  I will know in about a month whether they
will be selected.

The eagle drawing is for a local doctor.  He collects all
kinds of eagles...artwork, photography, sculptures, etc
This is his photo, and I told him I would edit the composition.
I put the eagle more to the left, and will leave out much
of the background.  Will post my progress...

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