Monday, April 10, 2017

Family Fun

Once in awhile, I get to use my talent in my own family.  This was
the case with this caricature.  My sister in law has been hosting Sunday
lunch and holiday gatherings at her home for 30 years.  My husband's family
all lives in the area, so the whole gang has regularly attended church and
then enjoyed lunch at Becky's house.

She recently made the decision to move into her father's house, and
has since then, sold hers.  It was bittersweet to meet together one last time
at her home, and eat Sunday dinner together.  Our family has changed over the
years: we are missing some, and we have added others.  So, I decided to draw
the whole bunch, and then we posed for this the same order we are
in the drawing...lots of laughs as I set the timer on the camera, and ran
to join the group!  Everyone signed the back, and it will be treasured
momento in her new place.  Fun, fun

If anyone is interested, I can draw a cartoon of your
family or group...inexpensive and quick.  Just let me

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