Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mixed Bag

There is a shop in Breaux Bridge (pronounced "bro") that
represents 250 Louisiana artists and their work.  They have
been selling my work for awhile. But recently, they have
sold quite a few.  They call every couple of weeks and want
more!  Yay!  So, here are four new ones that I did
quickly, so that I could take them down there.

This is a new style I have been playing with.  The background is
done loosely with watercolor and allowed to dry.
I use my own reference photos and add the birds or
object then in acrylic paint, which is opaque.  It covers
over the watercolor background, and especially makes
white areas possible.  They have been a lot of fun...I am
really enjoying them.  They combine my two favorite techniques:
loose, washy wet watercolor, and then detailed,
realistic image.  perfecto!!

Louisiana Marketshops at the 115
Breaux Bridge, LA
On I-10 near Lafayette, LA  

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