Saturday, January 19, 2008

Discerning Eye

I read a quote tonight by an artist about the art of drawing:
"Much of what we usually regard as the mysterious element
of "talent" is really more accurately described as a combination
of a practiced hand and a discerning eye" Diane Brown
I tend to agree with this statement, though not entirely. As an
art teacher for more than 20 years, I saw students of all
abilities or "talents". There were several of my students that
were just gifted naturally, by God I believe, with an ability to
draw. And then there were a lot that I taught to draw, as I
believe most people can be instructed. I always said that
drawing was a skill, to be learned and practiced just like a
musical instrument. And I could teach them to do that. But
I couldn't teach them to be creative, to have that "discerning
eye" that made them an artist.
I took this photograph while I was exhibiting at an art show
in Denton, Texas. I was on a break from my booth, and
happened to have my camera as I crossed the bridge over
this little creek. This little fellow was having the best time
in the water. I used to do the same thing in a creek long ago
near my home. I would like to draw this, and I have posted
the cropped version to show how I would like the drawing to
be. Will start soon.
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