Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home on the Farm

This is my last house portrait that I have to
do for Christmas. I have saved it for last
because I was dreading doing it! It is large,
16 x 20, and the rows of crops are killing me!
I will try to get the ink done by tomorrow night,
and then I can paint it.
I still have to finish the ones of the San Antonio
home, but I have to go out of town to get the
copies made, so it will still be several days
before I get them all done. (yes, we live in a
podunk town...and we do not have a Kinko's...)

I heard the neatest thing today about rewarding
patrons who buy our work. One artist includes
some little gift with each piece purchased. for
example, a beach painting could have a small
shell from that beach, etc....or maybe a map with
directions to the location where the artist stood.
Neat idea...I will think about doing some of that.

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