Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have been working on this little boy FOREVER,
and I am not sure I will ever get the likeness. I
am going to let the client see this one tomorrow, and
see if she is satisfied. I am still working on the other
one, too. That's the great thing about pencil..."erase,
draw, blend....erase, draw......" You can go on and 0n.

We're getting geared up for our Christmas Eve get
together. All of my husband's family comes to our
house, and we eat (this year it is Cajun food), take
family portraits, watch the kids perform a skit or
play, etc, and then open gifts. My husband always
reads the Christmas story, too. I have been in
charge of the skit for years, and we have done some
really good ones. This year, they are playing
Christmas carols on kazoos, and doing Cajun jokes
in between songs. It'll be a hoot.

I hope you and yours all have a wonderful
Christmas together, and celebrate the birth of
our Savior in a grand way. Merry Christmas!

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