Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Love Letter...Happy Valentine's Day

I have had this old letter for about eleven years. I found it
folded up and tucked in my father's wallet when I cleaned
out my parent's home.
I thought about it today, Valentine's Day. It is a love letter
from him to my mother. It may have been written when he
was in the service, or away during the war, it has no date.
But I thought it would be wonderful to share it with others
on this "lovely" day.
"Dearest Wife,
It has been a long time since I have written you a letter, so
I think I shall do just that.
First I want to tell you what a wonderful wife you have been.
I had never, even in my wildest dreams, expected to be the
husband of a young lady quite so beautiful, so competent,
so companionable, so sweet, as you. I consider myself the most
fortunate man who has ever lived and each day, I throw my chest
out a little farther, and with a very self satisfied sigh, say to myself,
"That's my wife". I know not what destinies brought us together.
I just know that our love is out of this world.
Someday I hope to be able to give to you all of the things in life that
you deserve and desire. A home, a family, and all the little things
that make life worth living. That's my one aim in life, and I am
determined to see it come to pass; the days when you and I will be
a respected family, so much in love, and desiring one to see the other
When the going gets tough, just remember that we are in this thing
together, fighting for our future, a future in which all our dreams will
come true, where our character will afford us a respected position in life
as Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Hindelang and family.
Be sweet, and remember always, I love you.
As ever, Ralph

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