Friday, February 6, 2009

Market Outlook

I don't normally use my art to make any kind of
statement; I always feel like I should use it for
positive motives. I have been a little pessimistic
lately; an adverse reaction to all the "change for the
better" hoopla. I am just a little cynical, perhaps
realistic. So, I thought it would be interesting to title this
piece with a thought provoking one. I tried on a few, and
decided on: "Market Outlook". I thought about "Bear or
Bull? Try Buzzard" Anyway, I really just think the bird is an
interesting composition of grey, black, and white, and that in
itself might be a political statement?! But I really just thought
it would make a striking piece in the show I am entering it in,
and it would catch the judge's eye. We'll see what reaction
the whole package brings....keep you posted.
"Market Outlook" orig pencil drawing 16 x 28 $350.00
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