Monday, March 30, 2009

Giverny and Monet

When we go to Paris, we will also go to Giverny, where
Monet lived and painted. I was lucky enough to get to
visit his home and gardens 8 years ago, and I took lots
of pictures. These are two small watercolor sketches of
his water garden and his home. I was there in the summer,
and the flowers were blooming all over. The Japanese
water gardens were could actuallly stand
where Monet stood and painted. I was familiar with
his paintings, and it gave me chills. His home was also such
a treat. His studio has been preserved, and his brushes and
tools were lying around like he just stepped out. I wonder
what he would think about the throngs of people parading
through there, and the huge gift shop built on the grounds
selling his art printed on every imaginable object...what a
hoot! I think he would probably be very pleased, if not amused!
Original watercolor sketches Giverny $15.00 each 4 x 6
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