Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paris Landmarks

When you travel to Paris, there are several things you
always want to see. These are two of them: the Arc
and the Opera. When I go this time, I want to photograph
them both, and do some nice finished watercolors.
These are small watercolor sketches, just for fun.
I am trying to learn some French, and it is quite comical.
My Southern accent just doesn't quite know what to do
with the French pronunciations. I have been using the
Rosetta stone program, and it makes you pronounce the
words before you can move on in the lesson. I have had
to just skip several and go on...the stone can't understand or
accept what it is hearing! I'll keep trying. I may just keep my
mouth shut while I am there....
Original watercolors 4 x 6 $15.00
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