Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring and Hope Spring Eternal

Finally, a warm, sunny day!! Everyone has
been so tired of this winter weather, and so
ready to see some signs of spring. I found
some today, on a nice afternoon walk.
The hickory nuts on the ground were the
signs of the presence of the squirrels, and
the food they enjoyed all winter. When my
children were small, they used to pick these
up, and sail them as boats in the bath tub.
The tiny red blossoms were on one of my
favorite trees on our whole property. I don't
even know what kind of tree it is, but it is
always one of the first to bloom out. (my
husband says it is a maple ) As I
approached it today, you could hear the
buzzing of the thousands of bees, flitting from
one red flower to the next.
And on my way back, I spied the lone little
daffodil, peaking out among the dried, brown
grass in the pasture. Ah, spring must be on
its' way!
And of course, I was accompanied on my
walk today by the three musketeers: Huey,
Dewey, and Louie. It wasn't even hot, and
yet they wanted to hide in the shade of that
big maple tree to avoid the sunshine. They
stayed with me the whole way, about a mile
altogether. But they were wiped out when
we reached the house, and stretched out on
the cool concrete.
Signs of spring...I am so ready.
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