Friday, December 30, 2011

Journey of the Journal

My friend in San Antonio sent this little journal to
me.  It belongs to a 5th grade student, Jacob, who
lives in California.  It is part of a class assignment
to learn about areas of the US.  The journal is sent
around to people to do a page about their area,
state, outstanding or unusual characteristics, etc.
You are supposed to put in some postcards, and send
one to the class.  And then write a little about your
town and state.  Above are some pages from Oregon,
San Antonio, and mine.  Really cute idea.  I am going
to try to share it with our 5th grade class here.  cool

I am still giving away a Daddy's Hands print..
leave me a comment. 
And, I am up past 20,000 views on the blog...
very exciting!
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