Monday, December 5, 2011

What a Zoo!

Lions, and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

I spent an amazing weekend in
Atlanta, Georgia, cheering on
the LSU Tigers to their victory
over the Georgia
was a nerve-wracking ride!

On Sunday, we were able to unwind
a little at the Atlanta zoo,
watching some of the amazing
animals there.  They are one
of the zoos in the nation that
house Panda bears..and these
were more than happy to pose for the
camera.  The lions were majestic
and reminded me of the "Lion King"
movie, perched up on this rock.
And then there were the Siberian
tiger cubs...I had never seen any
young tigers before.  They are
twins, a girl and a boy, and they
are 6 months old.  They played, and
ran, and tackled each other just like
the LSU tigers! It was a joy to
watch them all.

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