Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Art

I got a chance to work a little on this bow..just about finished with it. 
The bow is white in the photo, and I am going to do a dark background
around it that will make it stand out.

This "woodland Santa" grouping is for sale in the shop.  It is made out of metal and
painted.  It includes the standing Santa, 2 raccoons, and the two fawns...cute.

These are new Christmas cards made by Leanin Tree.  They look
like ornaments, and you can hang them on a tree. 
They are folded and do open...a place for your greeting
and signature.  We have 16 different styles...come in
and check them out.

A little art at home (the portrait of the baby girl) and a little
art at the shop...just a mix today.  Open house is tomorrow
from 5-9 pm, and we are ready!  We are looking
forward to seeing many of you there.

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