Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boot Progress

I am making a small amount of progress on this
between decorating the house for Christmas, and working
at the gallery!  This is a new brand of paper I am trying...
Stonehenge.  When I went to the Colored Pencil convention last
summer, many of the artists were using it, so I thought I would
give it a try.  I have tried the different areas of texture: boot leather,
stitching, wooden post, and grass just to see if I can make
it work.  I think it will be ok.  It is different from what I am used
to drawing on; it has a lot more "tooth" or texture to the paper.  I
usually use Arches hot pressed paper, and it is fairly smooth.

The customer who wanted the Verda drawing picked it up yesterday
and she loved it.  It feels good to have done something that makes
someone so happy.  May there be many more!

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