Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Project...Eat Here, Get Gas

This is the old Verda Grocery store, several miles down the road from
where I live.  I have been asked to do a pen and ink and watercolor
of it for a woman for Christmas.  I believe her family used to
own or run this store, and the building is no longer
there.  This is an old photograph I happened to have
(and could find?!..miracle).

I have barely started the pen and ink...just to show you the very beginning.

She has a large number of being that I
add this kind of gas pump instead of the "modern" ones
in the photo.  I saw this one in my recent trip to
Arkansas, and knew I needed a pic of it for reference
for this commission.  And she specifically wanted it to be I was very lucky!
I will post more progress as I move forward.

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