Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Watercolor Apprentice

I think I mentioned that I am mentoring another high school
student this semester.  She is wanting to learn
watercolor.  She is doing very well.  We meet one hour
a week, and I guide her through a painting, usually stressing a certain
technique.  These little paintings are my demonstrations for her.
This daisy painting was showing how to use the white of the paper
as a shape..thus the white daisies in the bouquet.

This one taught the use of the pen and ink pen with the watercolor, and was a
lesson in "loosening up"

And on this one, we used the masking fluid that prevents the paint
from reaching an area.  We masked off the roof and painted the
rest.  We removed the mask, and then painted it to look like
snow (like I even know what that looks like?!)

She has to write a paper, and do a presentation.  I will let you
know how she is doing along the way!

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