Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eagle Expert

Another change of pace today...My friend works for the U. S.
Forest Service, and this weekend, they were
sponsoring a bald eagle seminar.  The lecture was held at Tunk's
Cypress Inn down on Kincaid Lake. So, this afternoon,
I joined the group there to learn about our bald eagles.

This was the featured presenter, David Hancock of Vancouver, BC. 
He has spent his life studying West coast and arctic wildlife. 
He has published several books, including "The Bald Eagle of
Alaska, BC, and Washington".  He gave an informative
lecture on the birds, along with some great
personal stories from his experiences over the years.

After the lecture, we drove out to Kincaid lake, in the Kisatchie National
Forest, to view the eagle's nest.  This is one of the recreational areas on the lake.

It was a beautiful day to be outside....we were
blessed with plenty of sunshine.

This was my first view of the we walked along the trail.

A little closer view...he said the female was on the nest,
and the young birds had already hatched.

We got was just a pelican!

This is my only photo of the eagle...that is his tail sticking out
over the edge of the nest!  I needed to be somewhere besides on
the ground...under them!

And here are the rest of the white pelicans that I saw on
the way out.  All in all, it was a lovely day, spent enjoying
God's glorious creation.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation
They do streaming video on this site...check it out and
see if you can watch the eagles

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