Saturday, March 9, 2013

Through the Looking Glass

I had some time today to work on these windows.
This one has a fabric pin board, and chalkboard top.
I put a piece of beaded board across the seam.

I added this crown hook, and I will have to add
some backing to seal up the back.

I had made this one earlier, but it needed some
repairs.  It is for is $50.  It is made of vintage
beaded board, some porch posts, and some hooks.

I also repaired this one.  It is a chalkboard, edged with vintage
beaded board, and some other choice pieces of old
stuff.  It is hanging from a porch post with some burlap
ribbon.  It is also $50.00, and it is at the Pea
Patch Gallery.

I also finished up this one...adding the vintage border on the
left side, and the hanging post.  It is one of my scripture photos
of the mountains in Utah.  It is $75.00.

I am planning to make several more of these
"window art" pieces.  They will all be on display at
the gallery.  If I can do a custom one for you,
just let me know!

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