Saturday, March 2, 2013

Traveling Cupcakes

My cupcake bags took a road trip today...all the way to Lafayette, LA.
I had contacted the cupcake bakery, Lil Bite o' Heaven, and
they were interested in carrying the bags in their shop.

This is a sign inside their cute store...
They wanted to see one of the bags in person, so I took them
some down there today.

And these are some of their delicious cupcakes....Rocky Road...yum

And some Key Lime...oooh tart and sweet!

There is also a wonderful cupcake bakery in Alexandria, LA.
It is called "Little Cakes, Big Attitude".  They also
wanted to see a bag, so I dropped one off there as well.

They make some other scruptious things too

And I just had to bring some home!
Lots of dessert tonight!

Hopefully, both of these little shops will carry my bags.
I would like to have them in at least one cupcake
shop in each major city in Louisiana.  Sounds
like a plan!!

Lil Bite o Heaven  1509 Ambassador Caffery
Lafayette, LA 
Little Cakes, Big Attitude  Jackson Street Extension
Alexandria, LA
Both of these are on Facebook...check them out, and
try some cupcakes!

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