Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Coy Koi"

I think I am finished with this drawing.  This is one of those subjects that
I have always wanted to draw.  I have admired other artists' versions of goldfish
in the water.  I have taken several photos over the years that I thought would
be good references.  But the timing just felt right for this one.  I took this
photo in China, and this subject has always seemed "Chinese" to me.  I
guess I associate the koi with Chinese gardens, etc. 

On the Facebook page, CPAL, (colored pencil artists and lovers), they asked
the question, "What subject are you afraid to draw?"  And this is one of
those for me.  I didn't know if I could capture the reflections and patterns in
the water, and get the layers right.  But, I finished it, and I am fairly pleased
with it.  So, I am not scared anymore!


This piece will be included in the digital copy of the China travel
journal (ready by Oct 1).  I also plan to enter it in the CPSA
show that allows other media mixed with colored pencil.
The white areas are acrylic paint.

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