Saturday, September 7, 2013


This giant statue is at the gate of the entrance to the site of
the Terra Cotta warriors in Xian, China

This is Building covers the archeological dig where the
warriors are

These are some of them!

This is the building enclosing the dig.   It looks a lot like an airplane hanger.

There are still many pics from China that I would like to share.  Here
are a few of the magnificent terra cotta warriors that
have been found in Xian.  Some farmers found them in 1974 while
digging a well.  They were made and buried with the emperor at
the time, to be his army in the afterlife.  There are different ranks of
officers and warriors; the one above is the only general there was.
Then there are archers and foot soldiers, horses and chariots. 

They are no longer excavating them, because they are waiting to develop a
method for preserving the paint on them.  When they first dig them up,
they are painted, but the paint decays quickly in the air. 

Each face of each warrior is different, and I think this is what fascinates
so many people.  Whoever the artists and sculptors were then,
they were incredibly dedicated and talented.  Maybe they didn't want to
end up buried with the emperor as well!

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