Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pulling the Print

A Styrofoam owl. 

The paint and the brayer

The block is "inked" and ready to print

This is the black and white print!

Samuel pulling his's a rattlesnake

And Kate pulling hers..a parrot

We started our children's art classes this week.  Our first
project was printing a Styrofoam block.  They selected which design
they wanted to draw onto their Styrofoam.  Then they
drew the lines with a pencil, and pushed down to make
indentions or grooves.  We inked the block with some
black paint and the brayer, rolling the paint onto the surface.
We placed the white paper over the block, and
rubbed the surface until all the paint had transferred.
And then the exciting part: pulling the print away from the
block, and seeing it for the first time!  They drew a parrot,
a snake, a flower, an alligator, and a!

Children's Art Classes  Wednesdays 4-5 pm
Pea Patch Gallery  $15.00 each lesson
All supplies included
For info call or email:

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