Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Book on China

I know it seems like I am jumping around from one thing to
the appears that way because it is!  I always seem
to have so many projects going at once, and that is the
case right now.  I have been working on getting the
digital copy of the China sketchbook done.  I spent
most of the afternoon scanning the pages.  I have started the
book in Shutterfly, but I still have many pages to go. 
I plan to do a few more finished pieces to be included
as well.

I have heard from at least one traveler who is
interested in purchasing the book.  If you think you might
like one, you can get in touch with me.  The books
are $100, and they will be ready around the first of
October.  They will contain most of the original watercolors
that are in the sketchbook, as well as some of my
photographs.  And I try to have some witty and informative
commentary along the way!

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