Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Characters in NYC

An artist in Central Park....sketching a customer.
(this is very hard to do!)

This man was outside Wall Street, near a statue of George
Washington.  He was playing patriotic music.

And this character was also in Central Park.
In fact, I saw several people dressed like this...must
be a franchise!

I guess there are lots of characters in every
big city (small ones too!).  We came
across several of them during our weekend
trip to NYC.  The painter was in the park, and
was doing a pretty good job of sketching. 
The flutist was very talented as well...he was
playing things like, "Our Country Tis of Thee".
And the "Statue" was on hand to take photos with
you.  I can't imagine spending all day in that
costume, but I bet it was profitable.  So at least all of
these "talented" people were finding a way to use
their talents where they live...bravo!!

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