Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aprons and Paint

My Wednesday class kids wanted to paint some aprons they
could wear during class. (they are always getting paint
on their clothes!)

Kate is painting a great big hot pink "K"

Anna got into some red paint and hearts

And this Kate was finding it harder than she thought
painting on the fabric.  She was doing a chevron pattern,
with lots of different colors.

I ordered the aprons from Dick Blick.  They make several
kinds of art aprons.  They are using some acrylic paint to paint
their designs onto the fabric aprons.  The girls all
wanted their names on theirs...Samuel is painting an angel fish
design.  The did not finish them they will work on
them again next week.
I will probably be teaching some summer art classes for kids 10 and up.  I will try to
post my schedule on the blog, on Facebook, and at the shop....soon!
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