Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Colors of Autumn

In a small town, you know a lot of people.  As a teacher,
I came into contact with a lot of students.  And sometimes,
 you know the parent, as well as the student.  I happened to know
both in this case.

The parent was the daughter of a fellow
teacher, and I had watched her grow up over the years.
She married, and had 3 beautiful girls.
Then, I had the opportunity to teach art to all 3 of them from
time to time in various workshops and classes.
They were all delightful, and I enjoyed spending time with them.

We all never would have guessed the tragedy
that would soon take one of those young girls....
the middle one, Autumn.  Her mother brought one of
Autumn's stories to me; a story she had written as an
assignment in school.  It was about a life-changing moment
between a grandfather and his grand-daughter,
when he shares with her how his priorities and
attitude changed after a serious accident.  The text
above is the last paragraph of that story.  The mom
wanted me to do something with it...she wasn't sure what,
and I suggested adding the text to a photograph of some
woods, maybe in the fall, with autumn colors.
I have been working on this tonight, and this is my
favorite of the possible ones.  I will let her
see it, and see if this is what she wants.

Those of you who know me, and our situation, will know
that I have shed a tear or two while
doing this.  But I feel honored that she would ask me to
do it...for she knew that I would understand.
May God continue to bless this special family,
and comfort them always.

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