Friday, June 14, 2013

Market Prep

Getting things together for market...this is a banner that
will advertise me!  as an artist who can make appearances
in their stores.  I am adding this aspect this time to my marketing
efforts.  I hope to be able to schedule some appearances in other
stores, demonstrating watercolor painting, bringing samples of my
work, etc.

And this is the new "Texas" bag...the design features the
Alamo, the Texas flag,and cowboy boot, a bluebonnet, and an armadillo. 
Having grown up in Texas, I am
more than familiar with all these things! 
As children, our parents always took us at Easter time to have pictures made
sitting in the bluebonnet fields.  I chased lots of armadillos with my brother in
the hill country around San Antonio.  I owned several pair of cowboy
fact, I was on the dance line in high school, and we dressed like the Kilgore Rangerettes,
in red, white, and blue with white cowboy boots!
AND, my first job after high school involved working downtown at the
Alamo!  I guess I am still "Texas" at heart...but my Louisiana roots are strong
now too.  I guess I can love them both!


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