Thursday, June 6, 2013

On the Hook

Still putting together some of these odds and ends to
take to the market in Dallas.  This is made from two porch
bannisters, some beaded board, some chicken wire,
fabric and a hook!  Would make a great memo board in the
kitchen or pin up all those reminders for soccer
practice, dance lessons, ballet class, etc

This one is made from an old cabinet door.  I removed the glass,
and stapled the chicken wire to the back.  I covered that with the
fabric, and added a backing.  I sealed all the wood, and put
the hooks on the bottom.  This would be great in a kitchen,
office, or hallway, to post all the important reminders that we
all keep forgetting!

Memo Boards: $45 each
Pea Patch Gallery and Café 
109 Abel  Winnfield, LA

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