Saturday, June 22, 2013

Market Neighbors

One of the great benefits of doing a trade show,
is getting to meet other artists and see their
interesting work.  These are beautiful old watches
made into one-of-kind jewelry pieces.

The name of the company is Rewind Jewelry, and
you can find out more info from
Carlos at

And this adorable red head is next door to me, and this
is her first time at market.  Her booth is really cute,
and her jewelry creations are re-cycled and re-purposed
odds and ends, that are very unique.

Here is the section with individual charms, displayed on playing
cards...what a novel idea!  I bought a little bird charm to attach to my

She is from Missouri, and always attends this show:
Open Air Vintage Market
St .Louis  Friday Sept 20-Sunday Sept 22

If you happen to be in the area in the fall,
check it out Cash and Carry section of the Dallas
market if you can...thru Monday the 24th at 3 pm


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