Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Journey to China" Art Show

I have been printing some of my China photographs to include
in the Chinese art show at the gallery.  These are some of my

The red door was in Beijing at the Empress' garden complex.  I like
the design of the window screens, and the complimentary color scheme
of red and green.  I framed this today.
The dragon boat was one that I took a photo of from
the shore as it came in.  I loved the lone man sitting in the
front.  Makes a nice composition.  I used a couple of filters
on it, and I will frame this one also.
The dancer in yellow is a cropped portion of a larger
photo of the whole stage.  This is the show we saw in Xian,
and where I took the pic that I drew of the dancer in the
green satin dress.  This would have been a super hard drawing,
so it makes a better photo!
The goldfish were in a tank at the pearl factory.  It was
neat to be eye to eye with them.
The old men playing majong were in the park on the way to
the Temple of Heaven.  They were so intense, and didn't
even know I was there.  I printed it in black and white for a
timeless look.
The tea ceremony took place without me.  I took this before it
started, and then I left!  It was our last chance to shop before we
left, and I took it!  So, this is all I know about the tea ceremony...
it looks great in the light of the room.
And the Great Wall.  I took two cameras that day; one with my
regular zoom lens, and the other with my wide angle lens.
This was taken with the wide lens.  It just gives a more dramatic
view, and I was practically lying down to get the shot.  That is
a shadow of my head in the left hand corner!
These bring back special memories for me of the trip,
and I hope you enjoy the stories behind them. 
Journey to China
Works by Gail H. Shelton
Opening: November 14th   5-9
Pea Patch Gallery   Winnfield, LA

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