Sunday, June 15, 2014

Strokes of Color

I have been working to get this all colored pencil show all framed
and hanging in the gallery.  There were several pieces that needed
framing or new mats, etc.  But I finally got them all done, and now
they are up.  This section has all the bird images. 

This is one of the older pieces.  It is titled, "Pop Art", and is 100% colored
pencil, 22 x 30.  I used to carry these suckers for my little students when
I was teaching.  One evening after school, I came in and emptied my
pockets, sprawling them on the table.  And I thought it might make a neat drawing.
The lettering was the hardest, since all the white lettering is simply not colored.  I had
to color around the words...tricky!  But this was the piece that I earned my signature status in theColored Pencil Society with; it was accepted into the exhibition held in Memphis over 10 years ago.

And here are some of the big cats...

These are some of my "Riddle Pics"...the ones with the word puns and puzzles.

"Talk to the Horn"...a drawing of a rhino that I took at the
San Diego Zoo.  This one was in the CPSA exhibition in
California a couple of years ago.

I really like drawing water, and this is an example of a water drawing
with a nice dolphin!

I don't really consider myself a "figure" artist...but here are several
people!  The first one is a street musician in New Orleans.  Then, one of
my newer pieces, the clown in the Mardi Gras parade.  The Chinese dancer is
next, and then my great niece, Savannah swimming.  The Chinese Fisherman
is the last one in this section.

The show is open every day...10-5 Monday thru Friday, and 10-3 on Saturday.
It will be up through the summer.  Most of the pieces are for sale, and there are
prints of several of them.  Come by if you get a chance, and view this collection
from over the years.  Lots of colored pencil strokes!

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