Saturday, June 21, 2014

This and That

This is the last section of the colored pencil show.  I didn't show the whole
thing in the last post...thought I should.  This wall contains mostly flower

One day I was walking through Walmart, and these shiny
pinwheels were on display in the toy section.  I bought some
of them, thinking they would make a great drawing.  I arranged
them outside, and photographed them.  I worked from the photo..very
challenging to get all the reflections right.  I titled it, "What Goes Around, Comes
Around". I have prints available.

These are those two new ones that I completed just recently.

This is what I worked on today.  I have these black and white pen and ink
prints of Natchitoches, a historic town nearby.  I sell these to a gift
shop there, and she wanted 10 more.  So I spent the afternoon watercoloring

And this project, I have been working on for awhile.  These are 4 x 8 signs that
will be installed out on the highway.  They will be replacing some old signs
that are there now.  These new ones match the building better, and will hopefully
bring in some more business!

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