Monday, September 15, 2014

Colored Pencil This and That

I haven't had a chance to draw very much; I have had lots of company,
and have spent most weekends with my daughter and that cute
grandbaby!  But I made a little progress on this...still trying to figure out
how to do that hair?

I received some good news about this crazy piece again...
it was a finalist in the Animal Category of the Artist's
Magazine Annual Competition this year.
It will not be printed in the magazine, just my name.
But that's something I guess!

And I am still trying to get these in a show.  I entered them
both in the American Artist's Professional League show in
New York.  I will be notified of acceptance (or not!) later this
month.  Will keep my fingers crossed.

I am taking in some commission pieces now for
Christmas.  If you are interested in a house portrait,
children's portrait, or pet portrait, please let me know
asap.  There is still plenty of time.


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