Friday, September 26, 2014

Gratitude and Light

Just some pretty light illuminating the grasses
in the front yard....Fall has such beautiful light...more golden,
more dynamic...stronger.

I get a treat in a couple of weeks of going with my photographer friend
up to Oregon to take pics around the gorge and the forests.  We may even
see some snow!  I have never been, so when she asked me, I said yes.

I have also been going through the Galapagos photos and getting some
of them enlarged on canvas.  They will be stunning...some of the landscapes
were awesome.  I am putting together a small show from the trip.  It will be all
up around the first week in November.  Our annual downtown Christmas Open House
will be the second Thursday from 5-9 pm.

I have also been selected to be the featured artist and speaker at the
LAEA (Louisiana Art Educator's Assoc) convention this fall, later
in November.  I will have an exhibit at the Alexandria Museum of Art, and
teach a workshop for the educators, on using colored pencil in the classroom.
I am very honored and grateful for this recognition. Should be a lot of fun.

Lots of busy times ahead...a lot to be thankful for, to reflect on, and to
capture in pencil, paint, and film...the life of an artist is so

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