Sunday, October 5, 2014

Peterson, and Re-Peterson

Pen and ink drawing

My watercolor palette...kinda messy

The watercolored drawings

I am still in commission mode...trying to get all these done for clients for
Christmas deadlines.  This is the Peterson house, which I have done
already once.  These are two more 8 x 10's: I still have to do one more 11 x 14.
AHHHH!  I really don't like doing the same subject over and gets really
boring.  So I changed up the angle of the house and driveway on these
two.  And I will probably do the last one a little differently too.  These are for
the son, who grew up in this house, and for his two children.  I already did
the one for the daughter, and then the brother saw it, and wanted one!  So, I guess
it is a good thing.

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