Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Germany, Here I Come

My upcoming trip overseas is fast approaching!  I always do a
sketchbook journal during the trip, so I thought I would
go ahead and do the intro page.  I have a couple of travel
guides, so I used the photos in them to do this montage.  It will
be alot of fun to see what I will want to draw and paint in the book...
landscapes filled with mountains and vistas; cityscapes of
ancient buildings and alpine gingerbread; interesting food like
sausages, apple strudel, and beer!;
and fascinating people along the way.  I am so looking forward to it,
especially since some of my own family is going with me this time.
We have never all traveled together...so it will be a hoot.

Hopefully I will be able to post while there.  I am planning to...hope connections will
be available.  So, check the blog out during the month of June, and
you should see some European scenes.


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