Monday, May 18, 2015

Student Once More

I am in Lindale, Texas! and this is Maureen Killaby's wonderful
studio.  I am here for a colored pencil workshop taught by an artist
from London, England, Mr. Alan Woollett.

Here is Alan demonstrating for us.  We are all drawing a barn owl
that he has already done.  We began with a light pencil sketch, and then
started with the dark background. This is not how I would regularly work, so
I am glad to try something new!

Her studio is in an old building, kinda  like mine.

This is my dark background, leaving some white
whispy strokes for the feathers.

"The touch of the master's hand...."

This is where we stopped today.  This is my drawing.  I really liked
doing the straw, and making it look like it was receding in the
dark.  I can't wait to start the bird!

Stay tuned!

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