Saturday, June 20, 2015

Art History in Vienna

My niece, Katie, hamming it up with the Hapsburgs

Carved ivory pieces from the royal family...amazing

This carved ivory ship moved and the oarsmen rowed.  A clock maker
outfitted it with moving parts that are inside the

I thoroughly enjoyed touring the Art Museum in Vienna, Austria.
They have a huge Egyptian exhibit, lots of beautiful carved ivory treasures,
unlike any I have seen anywhere.  The building itself was gorgeous,
built by the Hapsburgs to house this collection.

I love seeing the art treasures that survive the centuries.
I like to wonder what those craftsmen and artists knew and how
they made their objects.  I wonder what they would think now
about their creation being in a museum...viewed by thousands
every year.  It would be humbling, or even comical to some of
them, I'm sure.  I am grateful that people have the
foresight to save so many valuable and priceless items.

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