Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good Day! from Germany

We made it!  We flew into Frankfurt this morning, and got underway to
the town of Mannheim

This is the old water tower in the center of
the town.  A lot of the city was destroyed during the WWII
bombing, so alot of the buildings are more modern

This is our hotel...named after one of my
favorite artists!

Here we are at the welcome dinner...woohoo! we made it!

We ate at Koch's...a little Bavarian restaurant, serving local food.
This is a pig knuckle? a potato dumpling, and some red cabbage.
It was quite tasty!

This old mill stone is down around the city square also.
I am now working on my book, doing a little painting
before I hit the a rock hopefully!
More tomorrow...stay tuned for "adventures in Germany!"

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