Friday, May 30, 2008

Carnegie Hall Re-visited

I belong to the Sanctuary Choir of First Baptist
Church of Winnfield, LA. And we have been
fortunate enough to be able to participate in
a program sponsored by Mid-America Productions
that brings small town choirs to New York City
to perform in Carnegie Hall. We have just
returned from our second trip. We were there
2 years ago, and performed the Mozart Vespares
in Latin. This time we did the Brahm's Requiem in
German, conducted by John Rutter, a world-
famous composer and director. We joined 6 other
choirs at the Grand Hyatt, and practiced for 2 days.
We performed Monday night, Memorial Day, to a
packed house. It was thrilling.

These are some sketches I did of the orchestra
during part of their dress rehearsal that didn't
involve us. Carnegie Hall itself is quite beautiful,
and there is so much history on that stage. I went
down the hall, and noticed a framed, page of music
signed by Beethoven! wow...
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