Friday, May 9, 2008

A Great Columbia Day

The staff at the Schepis Museum had asked me
to come and do something with the local 6th
grade class, 27 of them. They really wanted me
to teach them watercolor, and have them do one!
Well, I was a little apprehensive...I haven't taught
that many at once very many times in my career!
So, I drove up this morning to meet them all at
9:30 in the museum. It all went beautifully...could
not have been better. They were all so interested,
and eager to learn. They were polite, and very
well behaved. Their teacher is doing a great job.
They all completed a small painting, and they were
very proud. I shared with them some info on
each of the show locations, and they all learned
a lot. I hope I inspired them to keep a sketchbook
journal on their next trip; they loved looking at
mine, and learning about each place. Great fun!

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