Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jessica Finished

This is the finished drawing of Jessica. I have
been working on it all weekend, off and on, and
I think I have done all I can do. It is not a great
image...it is really hard to photograph the pencil
drawings without a glare. It looks better than
this in person.
Had a couple of comments lately...one from a
woman I met at a show...welcome Jo. I hope you
enjoy viewing my endeavors. And a gentleman
from Cypress...wow, an international viewer.
Welcome to you, too. Thanks so much for
checking out my work. If I can do a special
piece of artwork for either of you, just let me

I have two trips coming up quickly. I go to
New York City on the 23th with our choir to
sing in Carnegie Hall with a larger choir. We
are performing Brahm's Requiem in German,
and I still have lots of practicing to do. Then
I leave with my painting group for Costa Rica
on June 7th. We will be painting, sketching,
and photographing the sights and scenes of
that beautiful country for 10 days. I will be
doing lots of work from those two trips and
posting them, so stay tuned.

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