Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Elaine who?"

After our performance at Carnegie Hall, we went to
eat at Elaine's, a New York institution. They were
waiting for all 16 of us; it was late. One of our group
was very excited about eating here, and getting to
meet Elaine. There was some kind of family joke,
something to do with a Seinfeld episode...anyway,
I sketched her in my sketchbook, and he took it
to her in the front of the restaurant, and she signed
it. He had his picture made with her, and he was
We enjoyed a great meal, and got back to the hotel
around midnight. Just one more fun experience in
the big apple...

Someone asked about these sketches. I do a travel
sketchbook journal wherever I go. The book is a
work of art in itself, but I do use the sketches for
larger works, too. I have volumes of journals, and
I love looking back at them, and being able to
remember all the little details of a trip because I
wrote it all down! (I certainly cannot rely on my

I am leaving this Saturday to take my group to
Costa Rica for 10 days. I will be doing a journal
on that trip as well, but I also paint some watercolors
during the trip that I sell to others in the group tour.
I am getting excited, and even started packing a
few things this afternoon. Don't know if I will be able
to post while gone...will have to let you know.

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