Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After the Storm

We survived the storm virtually unscathed...we did
lose power, and just got it back today, as well as
internet connection. We lost 3 trees, but sustained
no damage to property at home or at work. So, I
am feeling very relieved and very blessed. I know
some in our state were not so fortunate, and our
prayers go out for them.

I have been working on more pieces for the Costa
Rica show. This is a colored pencil/watercolor that
I started last night of a bird of paradise bloom. I am
fascinated by these unusual flowers. I saw some in
Hawaii, and thought they were beautiful, so sculptural.
I will fill in the background with more foliage when I
finish the flower itself.
Gail H. Shelton artist colored pencil watercolor
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