Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Logged On" #2-Iguana style

I finished this pencil drawing tonight of one of
the iguanas I photographed in Costa Rica. He
is made up of so many different textures: scales,
small spikes, glassy eye, long spikes, knobby
skin....lots of fun for someone who loves to see
if I can capture all that. I used only 3 pencils;
a medium hard one, a 4B softer pencil, and a
woodless 8B for all the really dark darks. I used
kleenex and Q-tips to blend some of the soft
areas. It is drawn on hot-pressed watercolor
paper and is 11" x 30".

It will be included in the "It's a Jungle Out There"
art show that will hang at the Pea Patch Gallery
in Winnfield during November and December.
"Logged On"- iguana style Orig pencil drawing
11 x 30 $350.00
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