Sunday, September 21, 2008

Collage Saturday

"Collage" is an art form that involves pasting
or glueing paper and objects to a surface. It
comes from the French word, "coller", to glue.
This past Saturday, I participated in a workshop
by demonstrating the art of collage on canvas.
These are two of the examples that I did for the
workshop. The little girl belongs to a good friend
of mine. I used a photograph of her, and used
some printed papers, paint, and some
beads. The bottom piece, "Time to Fly" has a
painted dragonfly, some magazine photos, and
various scraps of paper. There is a vintage piece
of jewelry up in the corner.

The workshop also covered many types of
scrapbooking, including digital online scrapbooking.
This is very intriguing and I am planning on
investigating further. I am very interested in
publishing some of my art journals along with

some photographs, and that would be an easy
and inexpensive route. If anyone has used one
of these sites, or has some pointers, I would
appreciate them!

Photo collage of Your child: 9 x 12 Canvas $45.00
"Time to Fly" orig collage on canvas 12 x 12 $60.00
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