Monday, January 19, 2009


"Hide me in the shadow of Thy wings."
Let me take refuge in the shelter of
Thy wings."
The writers of Psalms must have been very fond of birds.
I am as well. They are some of my favorite subjects, and I
have photographed them all over the world. Here are two:
a swan, and a flamingo. I thought they were appropriate
for these two scriptures.
I was thinking of wings because of the recent
miraculous plane crash. What an amazing event!
It was such a beautiful metaphor of God's salvation:
all of those people were facing death, and yet they
were saved, and were able to live on the other side of death.
Those of us who are Christians will be able to have
eternal life on the other side of death...I hope this
experience will bring many of those on the flight closer to God.
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